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Sumter Mutual Is located on Hwy 7 in Silver Lake, MN. We provide insurance in the surrounding area. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and agents have all the insurance products you need.

Sumter Mutual has its roots right here in McLeod County, Sumter Township just south of Hutchinson. It was there that a group of farmers got together and started the company in the summer of 1879. Our agents, directors, and adjusters are all local people and they know what you need.

We are your neighbors and Sumter Mutual is policyholder owned and operated.

We can provide insurance products that cover your home, farm, auto, umbrella and commercial needs. Call one of our full-service agents today.

Types Of Insurance We Provide

Homeowners Insurance

Home is where your heart is—along with a healthy chunk of your net worth. Your house is one of your most important investments, so be sure to protect it with a homeowners insurance policy.

Vehicle Insurance

Auto Insurance Shouldn't Be Confusing, Get Coverage That Makes Sense. Auto Insurance That Speaks To You, Because Our Focus Is You.

Farm/Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural insurance protects against loss of or damage to crops or livestock. It has great potential to provide value to low-income farmers and their communities, both by protecting farmers when shocks occur and by encouraging greater investment in crops.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result it helps protect your assets and your future.

Commercial Insurance

Many business insurance policies include basic coverages such as property, liability, crime and commercial auto insurance, as well as other optional insurance, such as business interruption insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, and workers compensation.

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